We are a group comprised of citizens of Hendricks County who represent schools, law enforcement, criminal justice, health care providers and people just like you.
We meet the second Wednesday of every month to discuss various concerns and issues. We currently meet at Hendricks Regional Health Hospital. We have an executive board of no more than 16 of our members. No more than 10 of these are adults. The rest are youth that represent each of the six school districts. Our meetings are open to the public. There are no special requirements to join the Task Force except a desire to help our county be a better place to live by helping our citizens avoid addiction to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and find solutions for those who are addicted. The Task Force was organized in 1988 and in 1989 became the Local Coordinating Council, or LCC, for the Governor’s Commission for a Drug-Free Indiana. Our mission is to reduce the abuse of alcohol and other controlled substances in Hendricks County and the associated negative effects on individuals and the community through the coordination, support and promotion of county-wide education/prevention, intervention/treatment, and criminal justice efforts.

What We Do

Among our duties, we provide funding for various programs. Our funding currently comes from the Local Drug Free Communities Fund, a fund consisting of fees collected from individuals convicted of alcohol or other drug offenses. We have also received a grant from National Drug Free Communities. As part of that grant we are working closely with the six school districts in our county to target our youth and parents with prevention and education programs regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs. Our youth are our future and we need to be sure they are educated about the effects of the use of these harmful substances. Organizations within the Task Force can request funding through a “mini-grant”. This is our way of tracking and allocating funds for the different areas listed in our mission statement. In addition to allocating the Drug Free funds, the Task Force Also assesses community needs and developed a Comprehensive Plan to address those needs. We also serve as a place of networking for others to share about their programs, efforts, successes and ongoing needs.

Making a Difference

The goal of all our efforts is to educate, prevent and eradicate the use of drugs alcohol and tobacco by our youth. Unfortunately we don’t get to chose to whom these things happen. Sometimes it is innocent bystanders who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What Can You Do?

Join us in this effort to make a difference in our county. Become a part of the Hendricks County Substance Abuse Task Force. Become part of a group who are dedicated to making our county a better place for future generations to grow up.